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The Paint


A high-build finish 10 times thicker than ordinary paint and warranted for as long as you own the home.


Engineered to expand and contract with temperature changes preventing surface failure and breech of protection.


Maximum protection from nature’s most costly damage every year – water. Proven waterproof in wind-driven rain exposure for 24 hours at 98 miles per hour. Helps prevent costly repairs from rotting, mold and mildew.


Your home holds moisture just from living in it. This trapped moisture can lead to rotted wood, peeling paint, mold and mildew. Our total painting system has the highest breathability on the market.


A soft satin finish gives your home a timeless beauty while maintaining a fresh painted look for years. ArmorCoat paint will not take away from the texture of the subsurface. If you have rough-sawn cedar siding, it will still look like rough-sawn cedar siding, and the same goes for stucco, masonry, iron, wood, etc.